The 10 Best Football Kits In History

Modern football fans are used to their favorite clubs that release a new set of kits every season. But there was a time when football clubs held the same shirts for a long time. Barcelona is an example of one of those clubs that has a specific shirt for a long time and the seven seasons they wore it have made the shirt iconic. Back in Barcelona for this iconic comic strip, which proudly shows the club’s heritage in the colors of the flag of Senyera de Cataluña, yellow, red and blue, in a classic belt.

The Liverpool kit is wrong, but somehow everything comes together very well. Maybe it’s the bright red decorations and logos, maybe it’s the silver name and gray-scaled diamonds. Either way, Adidas created a sound set for the winning Premier League season in 1989. It was also the last time Liverpool won a first division title, which was more than days ago … PSG fans are at the highest point with the recent acquisition of Lionel Messi.

The 90s were a decade of near-accidents and disappointments for Italy in the field, but it earned them some fantastic kits, and that lasted until the new millennium with its much-published Euro 2000 shirts. The Azzurri went from Nike to the Italian brand Kappa, which started the trend of the thinner shirt with these tight “Kombat” kits. All players used a measure to get a comfortable fit and it was almost worth it when they reached the Euro 2000 final, but lost in the extension of the French world champions.

So we look at football shirts, but the next important consideration is whether we see the best football shirt manufacturers of all time, or the best manufacturers based on the past seasons? I choose to look at the most important names of recent times, but I will mention some nostalgic brands that are still doing their thing this season. The new homemade jersey will not contain the iconic red stripe of Hechter and will instead be solid navy blue with white red trim along the sleeves classic football kits and neck. The Jumpman logo will be white, as opposed to a subtle material design, which, according to Nike, “brings classic basketball iconography to the field.”. The Nike swoosh logo and Liverpool insignia are whitish in color, with deep green on the back of the chain in a nod to the 1990s color scheme. The new kit was first used on May 23 against Crystal Palace and has been compared to traditional Rome kits, which contain traditionally burnt red and yellow or orange.

The base color is black and all other motifs (club badge, sponsor logo, insignia manufacturer) are gold. Three gold stripes cover the shoulders and on one side of the torso there are some white dots. The striking new design features a lightning theme with a combination of “mysterious blue” and light blue, while the adidas logo is written in white and the brand’s exclusive stripes are displayed in striking bright red. This is one of the most famous shirts in football history, thanks to Diego Maradona’s iconic celebration of his goal against Greece at the 1994 World Cup. He loaded the cameras screaming and screaming and scored the last one for the national team.